Location & Directions


We are very easy to find, it could hardly be easier:

Very simply explained:

Take the Guenzburg exit (No. 67), turn left at the traffic lights, go straight on for exactly 1500 metres, then we are on the right-hand side before the 1st pedestrian traffic light, Siedlerstrasse 2.

Explained more precisely:

Take the Guenzburg exit and turn left at the traffic lights (no right to Guenzburg!), i.e. take the B16, direction Krumbach or Ichenhausen or Koetz. Immediately after the exit, get into the left lane straight ahead (do not turn right towards Legoland), then continue straight ahead (1500 m). After the town sign " Kötz, Ortsteil Kleinkötz, Waldsiedlung" continue for another 100 meters until the 1st pedestrian traffic light. Directly before the 1st pedestrian traffic light turn right into the Siedlerstrasse and then it is immediately the 1st house on the right, Siedlerstrasse 2.

The Pension Gaesteparadies is located in 89359 Kleinkoetz in the Siedlerstrasse 2. (Tel. No. +49-8221-963034 or mobil +49-174-3033567) Kleinkoetz is exactly 1500 m south of the freeway exit (A 8) Guenzburg (Legoland). Guenzburg (in the federal state of Bavaria) is located exactly in the middle between Stuttgart and Munich (100 km east of Stuttgart and 100 km west of Munich) or between Ulm and Augsburg (30 km east of Ulm and 50 km west of Augsburg) or Guenzburg is about 15 km east (A 8, direction Munich) of the freeway junction Ulm/Elchingen (junction of A 7 and A 8). The exit GUENZBURG on the freeway A 8 has the number 67.


Legoland: 0.8 km (half mile)
Restaurant in Kleinkoetz: 0,9 km (half mile)
Motorway A8: 1,5 km (one mile)
Guenzburg market place: 4,7 km (3 miles)
parking lot Guenzburg center: 4,4 km
Central train station Guenzburg: 5,7 km (3.5 miles)
Munich: about 100 km (62 miles)
Stuttgart: about 100 km
Augsburg: about 50 km (30 miles)
Ulm: about 30 km (18 miles)
Munich airport: 132 km (82 miles)
Airport Stuttgart: 100 km (62 miles)
Airport Memmingen: 65 km (40 miles)